Our Customers


“My children are in school and they’re constantly exposed to colds and viruses and flues and as result they come home sick. It goes from family member to family member and we were all constantly sick. I thought there has to be a better way.
Now I don’t have to worry about missing work. I haven’t missed work in over a year due to illness. And… they haven’t missed school.”


“After it was installed in my work place, I noticed that I felt better during the day while I was at work. Even my co-workers told me that they were taking less allergy medications during the day when they were at work because they felt better, they could breathe easier.”


“Three years ago, I went to my lung doctor and I had base-line emphysema, my asthma was really bad and he saw spots on my lungs. For the last year I have not had an asthma attack. And…
I recently went to my doctor and he said my lungs looked better than they had looked in three years.”


“It wasn’t uncommon for my wife and daughter both to have these hacking coughs for a week at a time. We went through the winter without either one of them getting sick.
Then we went on a trip for spring break. They both started coughing and I made the comment, “Well, we don’t have Safe Air Solutions in our motel” and my wife laughed and nodded and said “You know, that thought crossed my mind as well.”


“Putting the Safe Air Solutions system in the office has given us more productivity. We researched the individual units and found that we would have to have ten 10 to 12 units in this building. With two air conditioning systems, we only put in two Safe Air systems and have 100% coverage 24/7.”


“My kids are four and six years old and many of their friends miss school. My six-year-old missed only one day in his second grade. My younger child just seems to stay well. We all feel better."