Business Benefits

Manage Risk:

Federal Courts now allow employees (or unions) to file legal actions that claim a number of illnesses supposedly caused by poor indoor air in the workplace, thereby piercing the corporate veil of Workman’s Compensation Protection and holding the business legally liable for damages claimed…whether real or imagined. 

Reduce Employee Absenteeism / Improve Performance:

Double blind tests results reported by the British Medical Journal, ‘The Lancet’ looked at the health, comfort and overall well-being of 789 employees working in different buildings over a twelve month period.  The results showed that when advanced UVGI air disinfection systems installed into the buildings HVAC were activated, employees reported a 60% reduction in breathing problems, 50% reduction in muscle complaints, 40% reduction in respiratory symptoms, 30% reduction in mucous problems, and a 20% reduction in overall sickness.  A measurable reduction in absenteeism and a corresponding increase in productivity benefited both the employees and their employers.

Save Energy with Green Technology:

The cooling and energy efficiency of air conditioning coils will depreciate 7- 10% because of an insulating layer of microbial growth… primarily fungal spore (mold) colonies… that grow on coils.  These mold colonies ‘seed’ the air throughout your facility every time the ventilation fan comes on.   Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation fixtures direct cleansing UV energy towards the coils to remove this insulating layer of energy-robbing bio-growth, restoring the HVAC system to as-new specs in both cooling capacity and energy efficiency without the use of caustic chemicals. 

Reduce Maintenance / Save Money

Safe Air Solutions uses the powerful cleansing energy of UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) to destroy and eliminate harmful spore colonies using environmentally-friendly natural UV energy, without buying or applying caustic chemicals.  Maintenance technicians are no longer exposed to the airborne risks, nor the  time-consuming task, of  normal twice-a-year coil cleaning.
 The usable life of compressors and condensers is also extended.