Education Benefits

Retain Existing Students and Recruit New Families (private facilities):

The installation of an advanced, whole-facility clean-air germicidal disinfection system is an important sales tool and point of differentiation that will set your school apart and above the others. 

Germ-free Air Helps Keep Staff and Children Healthier

Studies by The Pennsylvania State University measured airborne contamination levels in a model classroom with and without the benefit of cleansing UV Germicidal fixtures.  After introducing an airborne virus into the classroom (from a cough or sneeze), 100% of the children in the room were infected within 6 hours.  When cleansing UV fixtures were installed, the infection rate dropped from 100% to 20%.

Reduce Absenteeism:

California day care studies tracked the difference in attendance records in similar schools, with and without cleaning UV germicidal energy systems installed.  Schools with the system showed a 29% reduction in absenteeism among students, and a 50% reduction in absenteeism among staff.

Keep Facilities Cleaner

In a recent North Carolina study, eight educational facilities were expertly disinfected.  Within two weeks,  researchers found high levels of pollen; dog, cat and rodent dander; cockroach and dust mite feces; and regional allergens in the facilities.  Every school facility exhibited indoor air quality consistent with the norm of the surrounding community.  In other words, regardless of your efforts, your school is only as clean as the homes of the attending children.  Cleansing UV energy destroys these allergens, germs and odors to protect your staff and children

Save Energy with Green Technology:

The cooling and energy efficiency of air conditioning coils will depreciate 7- 10% because of an insulating layer of mold colonies that grow on coils.  These colonies ‘seed’ the air throughout your entire facility every time the ventilation fan is turned on.   Natural, cleansing Ultraviolet Germicidal energy remove the insulating layer of bio-growth to restore your HVAC system to as-new specs in both cooling capacity and energy efficiency without the use of caustic chemicals. 

Reduce Maintenance / Save Money

Safe Air Solutions uses environmentally-friendly natural UV energy to destroy and eliminate harmful mold pore colonies on AC coils, without buying or applying caustic chemicals.  Air Conditioners no longer require time-consuming, twice-a-year coil cleaning, and the usable life of compressors and condensers is extended.