Electrostatic Air Cleaners

Electrostatic Air Cleaner The upside to the electrostatic air cleaning technology is that the air is able to move the system in a fairly unrestrained manner thus making the fan very efficient relative to a HEPA air cleaner system. There is downside to this technology however.

First, with the high voltage fields employed there is risk that over time the air cleaner may start to emit ozone . This is particularly a concern without good maintenance and proper replacement of the activated carbon post filters typically designed into portable units. Also, if large particulates enter the system there may be popping sounds. These are not typical but should be considered prior to using these air cleaners in a bedroom or other quiet place. Lastly the filter plates must be cleaned, usually in a dish washer.

SafeAir Solutions offers all the benefits of electrostatic air cleaners with none of the potentially harmful side-effects.

A SafeAir Solutions system actually improves energy efficiency.  Plus, a Safeair Solutions system produces no ozone.