Safe Air Solutions professionally installs an advanced UV germicidal disinfection system invisibly and silently into the existing air distribution system of your healthcare facility to create a safe, comfortable, germ-free indoor environment for your staff and patients. In higher-risk areas such areas as exam rooms, nurse and pay stations, waiting rooms, X-ray, etc., we can provide additional , targeted protection with upper air germicidal fixtures that specifically destroy airborne infectious airborne microbes.

We use only powerful, natural UV cleansing energy that safely and efficiently destroys all DNA and RNA-based microbes. In HVAC systems, UVGI will destroy biological growth on filters, AC coils, and surrounding air passages; efficiently destroy airborne bacteria, virus, mold and germs and prevent re-infection from recirculated air.

Safe Air Solutions can treat ducts to prevent re-contamination each time a system fan is turned on, and provides advanced photo-catalytic technology to neutralize and remove all odors, both chemical and biological.