Flu. Cold. Pneumonia. Tuberculosis. Measles. Smallpox

These ailments, and many more, are transmitted or aggravated by airborne particles.

Everyone understands the need for clean, healthy air but most people assume that air pollution is just an outdoor problem. The truth is indoor air is FIVE times more polluted than outdoor air, even in large metropolitan areas.

WHY? How can that be true?

Sun and Wind

The air outside has two very important improvement over indoor air: sunlight and wind.

Two of the ultraviolet components of sunlight kill many of the biological contaminants that cause diseases, like the common cold, the flu, TB and measles.

Plus the outdoor air is continuously being refreshed, unlike the recycled air in your home. It is the recycling of the air in your climate-controlled home that causes the elevated pollution levels.

Safe Air Solutions System

Safe Air Solutions harnesses the power of the UV light and brings it into your central heating and air system. We effectively turn the cause of your indoor air problem into the solution.

Two UV-C Germicidal Lamps are installed into your heating and air conditioning system, along with an 3-stage Endust™ filter and an odor-removing PCO grid.

Each time the air recycles in the A/C system, it is disinfected by the Safe Air Solutions system. Since the average home recycles all its air through the A/C system in about 15 minutes, the air you and your family breathe is being cleaned every 15 minutes.

The problem has now become the solution!